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A revolutionary way

to train your muscles

The EVNIK actively develops explosive and speed muscle strength, coordination of movements, forms the technique of shock, amplitude-swing movements!  It provides muscle growth and the ability to withstand heavy loads, significantly reducing the risk of microtrauma, increases the power and effectiveness of sports movements.

Potential Energy

Our body hides great potential energy, but we do not know how to use it. The potential energy is accumulated through the proper use of the tendon-muscle system’s elastic properties. A stretched muscle contracts like rubber, with more power and speed. Thus, when...

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Train muscles without speed losing, train your nervous system hard!

Each sport presents individual requirements to athletes, but despite the diversity of sporting tasks, there are fundamentals, which primarily include the development of the Nervous System.
The Nervous System either hinders the potential or unleashes it. In fact, the development of the Nervous System determines the extent of your talent. How to improve...

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Golden Complexes

a unique training method

You only need 3 minutes a day for training! It works. It's proven. During this time, in addition to speed, you are guaranteed increase muscle mass, and most importantly make it more effective — strong!

Golden Complexes